In The Movie

I believe that watching movie is nothing new nowadays. It is like a very normal thing to do and everyone goes to the cinema to relax after a hectic week.

For a person living in this era, I cannot help but notice that there are several types of people inside the cinema. However the most annoying one is the one that keep giving comments even though they really do not understand the movie. Like when they are trying to question everything that happens in the movie. For example, oh, I know that this is the bad guy and that is the good guy. Then another one is like stating the obvious thing happens in the movie. Like saying oh he’s killing that guy, when the screen totally shows it blatantly. It doesn’t even have to be in a cinema. Even in my own house, my grandmother does that all the time. Every time we watch a movie together, she always states the obvious and makes muttered comments. That makes me feel very annoyed and cannot enjoy the movie at all, because she expects me to respond to her comments. Sometimes I just hum or smile or give her a dry laugh just to show that I am listening to her. However, there are certainly people like that and I really don’t like it.


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