Since the start of my first year of college, I have been living in a boarding house, because even if my house is still in Surabaya, but I don’t have any vehicle to travel from home to campus and vice versa. At first, I was really reluctant to live in a boarding house since I had never been apart from my parents before. However, because I really must do it, I cannot help but notice that there are several differences between living in my own house and living in a boarding house.

The biggest different is the number of people and the noise it causes. In my house there are at least seven people living together in the same small house. The noise is unbearable and the activity goes on and on and on since when one person leaves, the other comes home. So, when I finally lived a life of a boarding house, I couldn’t help but feel lonely. I was alone in my room, without the presence of other people just like in my house. The noise was almost none. I felt terrified and alone. I got a really bad homesick case from time to time. Now, after living with that kind of living arrangement, I get pretty used to it, however, I still think that living in my own house is way better than living in a boarding house.


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