A Hectic Week

Everyone must have experience some times when their schedules are absolutely unpredictable and tight. At times like those, the possible move to be made is just to let it flow and do it. I have also been having a whole week full with hectic schedules, meetings, and events. Recently, I was having a week full with events. I had at least three major events going on in the same week. I needed to direct a play for Pekan Peduli AIDS, I needed to be present at every practice there is for the Feast of Friendship concert 4, and I have my aunt’s wedding to be prepared for. In fact, the rehearsals for Feast of Friendship 4 and the performance time for PPA were at the same time. Furthermore, my aunt’s wedding and the actual event of FoF 4 were on the same day. My schedules were a tight fit. I must rehearse the songs and choreography for FoF 4, but I also must practice singing the songs my aunt asked me to, and still I must also direct and taking care of the PPA performance. Especially on the Friday and Saturday, it was really chaotic. I had to go out from the middle of my choir rehearsal for FoF 4, because the performance for the PPA was starting and as a director, I was needed to be there to ensure that the lighting and audio would come out perfectly as planned. So, I ran from the fourth floor of EH building to the auditorium, helping the committee in lighting and audio so that It could be precise, and then ran back again to EH 406 to go back to my choir rehearsal.

On the Saturday, I had to get up really early to get my make-up done for my aunt’s wedding. Then, I sang in her wedding and after it was finished, I must go straight back to the hotel to change my clothes, prepare my properties and costumes for FoF 4 concert, then went to campus again to join the concert preparation. I didn’t even get to eat dinner or get a drink. Then, it was all the hectic things happening in the concert, all the running to change costumes, taking the necessary properties, going back to the auditorium for the next song, and memorizing the choreography. So, as a result, I didn’t even get to come home from morning until at least 10 p.m. At the end of the day, I still need to erase all of my make-up, showering, and washing my hair, and then I went to bed. After all of those things, it was not a surprise if I was knackered.


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