Writer’s Block

One thing that I really do not like is having this thing called writer’s block. I love to write, but this writer’s block come out of nowhere and ruins a good story. I hate it most when it blocks my stream of idea right at the time when I am writing my assignment, just like right now. I am trying to finish my journal assignment, and suddenly this writer’s block is coming and shutting my mind from any ideas that may appear.

This thing doesn’t come regularly, thank goodness it doesn’t. If I’m in the mood of writing, my ideas just cannot be stopped at all. It will go out like streams of ideas all jumbling and fighting to get out from my head and into the paper. However, this writer’s block is still annoying me when it appears right at the wrong time, especially in time of dread. For example, it appears just when the assignment is due two days later. That is a very burdening reality and it is a very nice source of stress.

This one experience of writer’s block really drives me insane with stress. I need to submit this journal two days later, but I still in need of one more journal about experience. I try to think of any experiences worth writing, but I cannot find any. This assignment is also working on a very slow progress and it gives me a lot of stress since I supposed to love writing, but I cannot finish five journals. I don’t know why but these days I just cannot find the idea to write. Simply, my mind will go blank and I end up writing nothing at all.

Fortunately, an idea comes up and it is about an experience. It is about me experiencing the writer’s block. So, I write this journal as a way of not only finishing my assignment (finally), but also as a way to get my pent up frustration out. I hope this can be count as one experience of my life. I try to face this problem by setting detailed schedules on when to finish my writings. That way I cannot depend on my mood only to write things, because I have deadlines to take care of. Until now, it doesn’t really work but I hope that by setting deadlines, I can improve the quantity and quality of my writings and have fewer and fewer visits from my fellow, writer’s block.



One thought on “Writer’s Block

  1. That is really a good journal. It’s absolutely right; writer’s block is a thing every good writer experiences at least a couple hundreds times (duh). However it is a process to get a good piece of writing, and the block, it seems, gives you time to retreat and ponder things.

    Anyways, i enjoyed reading the journal. This is one of the creative ways to deal with the writer’s block and the deadline: writing about the experience of the writer’s block itself.

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