Broadway Baby

So, this is my newest obsession nowadays, Broadway; or at least anything musical, including Disney’s. I get this obsession from my sister and friend, Icha. My sister gets addicted to Disney’s songs all over again, while Icha, often sings unknown songs that happen to be Broadway-ish in the hallway. So, in the campus it’s Icha, while in my house it’s Beauty and the Beast 24/7.

At first it was just a usual interest, nothing special. Then, I get to be part of the musical drama celebrating Petra Golden Jubilee. I saw Icha’s performance as Pegawai Petra and got a bit envious as to how she was so good in expressing herself using a song. I really wanted to be more expressive in singing and I thought musical might be the way to reach it as I need to act and sing at the same time. This is the start of my obsession. After that, I did some researches about Broadway. From the video Icha showed me and some others I searched myself. I then stumbled upon the musical Cats. All I could say was OH MY GOD! THAT WAS AWESOME. Yes, I was just aware of the term Broadway and musical and all, and maybe this seemed a bit too much, but the musical truly mesmerized me. I mean, the details, how each Cat was different from one another. The costume is very detailed and the make-up is complicated even just by looking. And the songs were spectacular. They did not even speak, just sang and chanted, like reading poetry. However, their speech was all the same. The endings were perfect and their dictions were clear. They were so synchronized with each other. I just thought when will I be part of something like that?!

So, after being absolutely stunned by it, I tried to search for the whole musical in Youtube. Fortunately, I found it. I downloaded it immediately and now, I have a Cats musical in my possession. Hope I can learn many things from this musical and be better at singing and act, even if the acting part still needs lots and lots of improvement.


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