Fragments of Mind

I really like writing, even when I did not really know how to. I have written lots and lots of stories about far-off places, princes and princesses, dragons and knights, cold-blooded murderer, high school students, romance, even some that contains motivation. Almost all of my stories used to be happy ending and the characters lived happily ever after. However, I realized that as time goes by, my writing style has changed a lot.

I used to write long stories, almost like a novella, but nowadays, I prefer short stories. I used to think about the story first, and then the title, but now, all I have in mind is the title with no story to write. I cannot think too methodically while writing that is why I adore free-writing. I can write a whole short story in a couple of hours. I can write and write without stopping at all, except for re-checking the information. I have never used outline to write anything before college. I simply just write anything that comes to mind, and that is a lot of things when I am really in the mood of writing. I always tend to give a piece of my thoughts inside my writings nowadays. I make the story mine by doing so. I just jut down everything that comes to mind and this why my I can write pretty fast. I do not think of myself as a good writer, but I do like to write. It is just that every time I finish writing a story, if I read it all again, I will find it to be extremely boring and uninteresting.

However, while I tend to get disappointed from my writings, I realize that I need to appreciate my writings first before my reader, whoever that is, appreciates my works. I try to be more open with my story and show them to people, asking for feedbacks. It works, and I write even more stories. Many of my friends tell me that I am a good writer, I feel elated. I like writing so those comments really put my heart at ease. Because of that I am determined to keep myself writing as many stories as possible.

As for my writing style, I like it to be a bit vague in the end. I tend to make some characters suffer through a lot of pain or die in the end, but there are also some characters that live happily with the memory of their dead beloved. Almost all of my stories are like that nowadays. I try to love my stories but keep it original and nice to read. In the end, it is all because I really like writing.


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