The Collector

I like reading books. It is like a very addictive thing to do in my spare time, but I really love collecting them. It is well-known to all of my friends that I enjoy reading very much, but nowadays, I seem to enjoy collecting books just a tad more than actually reading it.

When I first start to buy books it was because my mom forced me to. I still remember Harry Potter to be my very first novel. After Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, then come other bunches of novels. I just can’t stop buying them. If the novel is a trilogy, cycle, or chronicles, then I get more and more vicious in determination to buy all the series. For example, have you heard about the novel entitled How to Train Your Dragon? The novel is a series of seven books. Even if the story in book number one does not really synchronized with the other books, but the day I found this novel, I asked her to buy it for me. Thank God for my mom, she is extremely supportive with my habit to read things. She just said yes and then bought me the whole series, all seven books of it. I just can say thank you. This happens several times. In fact, without asking her to buy me books, every time she goes shopping or simply wandering in the mall, she will call me and ask whether I have already had this or that book.

That is why I just can’t stop collecting books. Nothing can keep me from my books. If there are new arrivals and I do not have them, I feel a very string urge to buy them immediately. I will even buy them myself if my mom does not want to buy them for me. Fortunately, that does not happen often. I think of this obsession as a positive one. It means that I really like to read and that way I can get new knowledge from many different sources. I can also add up my vocabularies with the more advanced ones from the novels. I get pretty much everything from novels. All of the difficult words and idioms, they are all from books, movies, and songs.

Sadly, I start to think that this obsession is getting out of hand. I keep buying new books even if I still have piles of books untouched. Now, this is becoming a problem for my dad. He does not really like seeing me reading novels all the time and he despise it even more to see me buying books only for collections. I’ve tried to give him my reason that someday I will definitely finish all of those books, but he’s still being quite skeptical with my habit. Most of the time, I just give him a smile or laugh when he asked me about the piling books, but I still can’t stop my habit to collect books. Maybe I need to really control it someday, but not now….Hahahaha…. ^^


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