The Beauty

I was a photographer. I took pictures of the scenery, especially cliffs. The point here is the past tense. I can’t take pictures anymore. My life is ruined. And the reason is none other than my own stupidity.

It was a rainy day when I decided to drive home for the first time in two long years. I left home to pursue my career, but that day suddenly I felt the urge to go home. To just met my parents. I was in the car when that phone call reached me. the ringing of my cell phone was still so clear in my ears after all these times. It was my mom calling.

“Hi, mom…I’m on my way home!” I told her. it was supposed to be a surprise but I decided to just tell her the truth. I heard a small sigh then a sob. “Mom?”

“He’s gone…” she said.

“What? Who’s gone?”


“Your Dad…” she said, finally.

My brain went numb immediately. It was impossible!!! He just called me merely a week ago wishing me a Happy Birthday.

“Mom, you’re joking, right?” I heard myself said in a hoarse voice.

“No, honey. I’m not. He got into an accident. It was just this morning. He was walking and some drunk driver hit him with his car.”

Another sob from my mom. I felt my heart ached with that fact. My hands gripped the steering wheel so tight to fight the urge to break down, to just…give up to the sadness that I felt.

“Son, just drive safely and we’ll talk later when you get home, okay?!” My mom tried to calm me down, knowing my temper. I didn’t say anything but hanging up on her. I continued to drive in such state and finally arrived in my town. It was not a big city, it was just a small town.

I was driving fast wanting to reach my home as soon as possible, but there was another car in front of me and the way they were driving was as fast as a snail. I tried to move past that car when it happened. The last thing that I know was a huge truck was coming on my way. Then, I lost consciousness.

I woke up from my mom’s voice. She was calling my name. I tried to open my eyes, but it was heavy. I tried and tried and then finally after so much tries, I opened my eyes. I met with my mother’s worried gaze.

“Oh, thank God you’re okay!!!” she exclaimed. Tears ran down her face.

I wanted to touch her face, to tell her not to cry, to tell her that I was fine, but I couldn’t feel my hands. I tried to raise my hands but couldn’t.

“Mom, what happen to my hands? I can’t move my hands!!!” I started to panic.

She looked a little bit unsure at first then her eyes dropped to my hands. Tears made its way down her face.

“Mom!!! Tell me what happen?!?!?!”

“You…I didn’t know what happen, just…you…you lost your hand, honey. You can’t use your hands any…anymore…” Then, she broke down in to tears.

The realization hit me. I got in to an accident. My car was hit by a truck and now my hands were useless. My thoughts ran to my pictures, my camera, my career, my…Life. What would happen to my life?!


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