Once upon a December, there were storm with the raging thunder which led a city to death.  Inside their safe and warm house, all of the people laid and waited until the storm stopped, except two persons who did not have any shelter. They were a father and his son. It was Christmas Eve and everybody was too busy to notice them who stood in the corner of a corridor. The son whined because he was so hungry.

            “Just wait for a little more time, son. We’ll get through this. It’s Christmas Eve. It’s the night full of miracles,” said his father.

            “But I’m hungry…” whispered the son.

The father stood with a sad expression, sad because of his incompetence to feed his son and let him starved. Finally, he said to his son.

            “Wait a minute, son. I will find foods for you.”

And he left. He walked through night and storm to find anything to eat. At last, he saw a glimpse of a light from the corner of the street. He walked there.

            “Excuse me…” he said with soft voice. And he stopped. He saw the most magnificent view he ever seen in his life. He saw rabbits, cats, dogs, deer, and many more animals gathered around the fire which was not dead. He gasped and made all of those animals looked at his worried and tired face.

            “Hey, look! There is a human among us. Do you think he can join us??” asked the first rabbit, the one who stood nearest to him. He looked at the rabbit’s beautiful eyes.

            “Excuse me…” he said slowly. “Do you have any food? My son is hungry.”

            “No, but you can join us. Will you?” asked the dog near the fire.

            “I can’t,” the man shook his head. “My son needs me. He is hungry.”

            “Why would you even care about him? He is stubborn and selfish. You are not happy with him. He’s only your burden.”

            The man was so shocked with what the animals said. Did it true? Did his son was only a burden for him? Well, he was hungry too but his son never asked. Did he really need to do all of this just for his stubborn and selfish son?

            “No, I can’t,” said the man. His voice was louder than he and the animals thought it would be. “My son needs me. Thank you for your help but I will look somewhere else. Good bye…” and he went away. He went back to the storm.

            “What a foolish man, indeed…” whispered the animals.

            In another ends of street, he saw another light. He came closer and saw a beggar was freezing inside a garbage bin which was opened. The beggar had a bottle of alcoholic drink with him.

            I guess he used that alcohol to warm himself. I wonder if I could asked for a little of it just to warm my body.

            He tried to wake the beggar up but the beggar didn’t move at all. So he tried to peek at the bottle. It was half empty and the man chose not to take the bottle. He looked at the beggar shoulders that were trembling like if there was an earthquake. He took his jacket off and put it around the beggar’s body.

            “There. It must be warmer for you. It’s Christmas Eve and it is night of miracles, something good will happen to you. Good luck, my friend. May God and His angels be with you,” said the man and then left. He went back to the storm and he felt colder than before as his jacket had no longer on his body. He was freezing to death.

            “Oh, dear… what am I supposed to do? My son is waiting for me to bring food and I let him down. I am so sorry my son…,” he whispered to the darkness.

            So he went back to his son’s place where he last left him alone. His son was not there. He was so worried and looked for his son everywhere. He looked into every window where every one who saw him threw anything they could find at him. He was so sad. He thought he lost his son forever.

            “Ooh… my son. I’m such a terrible father,” he cried.

            And then he saw his son’s face in one of the window at the end of the street. His son was so happy. He was eating a big fresh baked turkey with a family. The man was relieved now that he knew his son was alright, full and warm.

            Then he heard a voice calling him. He turned his head and saw the most beautiful person.

“Are you an angel?” he whispered so softly one could barely hear.

            The beautiful lady nodded.

“Yes. And I’ve come for you, kind man. Would you come with me? God has been waiting for you.”

            “But, my son…”

            “It’s okay… now come…”

            The man nodded and his life ended outside the window of his son’s new family. The next morning when his son walked out from the house, he found his father’s body outside the window. His father was smiling and then he heard such a soft and gentle voice said,” I Love You, son.” He heard it as if it came from his own heart.

            And he cried in silence. “I love you too, Father,” he whispered, gently held his father’s dead body in his arms.


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